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The heartbeat of our portfolio from ownership, to collaborators, to beneficiaries is driven by the ideals of the sustainable, innovative and commercially viable provision of Basic Needs. It involves social and economic coalitions to design, produce and implement solutions across our portfolio, driven by the following principles.

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Commercial viability.

Inclusive Innovation.

Intentional community participation + empowerment.

Stakeholder leadership and willing participation.

Innovative and experienced technical expertise.

In-kind coalitions.

New value chains.

Equitable development.

Local manufacturing.

Local procurement.

Job creation.

Corporate Social Investment.

Social Enterprise.

Creative Entrepreneurship.


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Screenshot 2023-03-24 150238_edited.png
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The majority of our portfolio is designed to speak to and engineer business solutions co-created with an ecosystem of stakeholders to effectively address and support the efforts in the provision of Basic Needs to communities.

We work across various landscapes with  and Government to create the capacity to use systematically and sustainable

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