+ The Social Agenda

+ The Press Kit

The Press Kit is the digital home of development content that is unique to our social, cultural and economic development. It is interactive, permitting stakeholders to sign up and share up to date public relations content and programmes on their Social Responsibility in the six sectors.




+ The CSR Guide

The CSR Guide is an annual themed industry guide for  Corporate Social Responsibility in Namibia. We curate and explore the work, synergy and status of Social Responsibility. We articulate the opportunity to improve the work of Social Responsibility by players in all sectors. This is achieved through features, news, press releases, business leadership, and commentary in the guide.


30 September 2021


+ The Summit & Awards

Our annual themed inter-sectoral stakeholder event invites drivers of change to celebrate, acknowledge and share innovative solutions to pressing concerns.28 + 29 October 2021.


+ The Sessions

Solution-based sessions are designed to tackle topics linking to sustainability and development. New calendar available soon.

+ The Basic Needs

Innovation partnerships engineered for turnkey solutions through social enterprise are the heartbeat of The Basic Needs Project. The projects equally focuses on including communities into the economic value chains these projects create.

+ The Toilet Project

+ The Governors Regional Development CSR Project

+ The Digital Bridge NEW

+ The Food Project NEW

+ The Housing Project NEW

+ Partnerships

Partnerships driven by common goals is the future of solving the socio-economic challenges we face. Become a project partner.

+ Technical Partnerships

Financial Partnerships

+ In-kind Partnerships

+ Information Partnerships

+ Project Partnerships

+ Business Partnerships

+ Advisory

Our passion to provide advisory services is driven by the desire to build capacity in the CSR landscape. Our expertise is underpinned by partnerships and alliances who are experts in the advisory solutions we provide.


+ Strategy formulation

+ Strategy implementation

+ Monitoring & evaluation

+ Benchmarking & analysis

+ Bespoke client reporting

+ NPO development, review and establishment

+ Social Enterprise

Our social enterprise initiative aims to solve society’s most pressing problems.We tap into the wider innovation ecosystem of social entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, and citizens to bring their best solutions forward, regardless of sector or background helping them advance breakthrough ideas and technologies to make global impact.

Watch this space.

+ Gamechangers

Game-changers promotes a conscious revisioning of the notion of citizens making an impact in their society. We seek to normalise citizen led development and the highs and lows that shape this journey.

Watch this space.

+ Capacity Building

Through our network of partnerships and alliances, we provide capacity building initiatives that serve to build the community of social enterprise, entrepreneurship and the actions that lead to sustainable change.

+ Corporate Social Responsibility

+ Social Enterprise

+ Social Entrepreneurship

+ Social Innovation

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