Problem Statement.

  • Uncoordinated efforts among the various key-players in the development space.

  • Duplication of exhausted efforts across the various sectors.

  • Private sector lacks access to new and up-to-date data and programme information.

  • Uncoordinated funding mechanism.

  • Lack of capacity-building and skills development across sectors.

  • Cultural barriers & lack of cooperation

  • Stakeholder education on relevant and priority challenges.

  • When it comes to problem solving.

  • Disconnected efforts, communication and synergy in the regional structures.

  • Lack of Social Enterprise Solution throughout private sector, government planning & resourcing and civic society. 

  • Lack of empathy and tenacity in the approach to solving the plight of communities.

  • Curated Problem Solving

Problem Solution.

Not limited to: The establishment of high impact, multi - disciplinary sectoral responses. These are driven by cutting edge design thinking, dynamic partnerships and vibrant partners, sustainable high impact resources (technical, financial and in-kind). 

Combined and designed to lead the way with innovative social enterprise models, the establishment of new and inclusive value chains with the deliberate participation and leadership of: 

+  People 

+  Private 

+  Public 

+  Partnerships

+  Social & Economic

+  Social Challenge