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This Project is a thought-leadership, stakeholder engagement platform that is built around connecting the players in the CSR, development ecosystem. 


Through sector coordination, we identify stakeholders in the six (6) sectors working on solution-based  programmes and projects, to provide leading insights to the public on key selected social responsibility topics in an organic dialogue and outcome based interventions.


The project  is made up of four (4) segments, namely the Citizen Connect, the Practitioners’ Sessions, the CEOs Circle and the Philanthropy Circle.

Sessions & Dates

First Session
19 September 2022


Engage, with our pitch deck. 

Module: Citizen Connect

Namibians are frequently asked, "What are you doing as citizens of Namibia?”


To shift the narrative, Innv8e introduces engagement sessions that build visibility on individuals who have used personal resources to create philanthropic and grassroots initiatives that help individuals and communities in the informal sector.


Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a culture of active citizenship and promote "#GoodWork" and "#GoodIdeas" that change people's trajectory and uplift communities.

Module: Practitioners

This is a quarterly indaba where we organise and discuss the best practices in the Corporate Social Responsibility space with practitioners.


We also provide practitioners with a platform to showcase the initiatives that they are working on with the intent to collaborate and provide insight into the CSR landscape.

Module: CEO’s Circle

This circle connects CEOs, CFOs, and board members of organisations who have incorporated CSR into funds and trusts to understand how to integrate CSR programmes within their parameters.


Innv8e also explores various methods for sharing the best practices within the dialogue, showcases the landscape of where we are headed & impact opportunities in the country, through the programmes we execute.

Module: Philanthropy Circle

This session will engage high networth families, organisations, sections of organisations, programmes and opportunities to invest into development programmes in partnership with our funding manager and the Innv8e Community Trust.


Through the SPVs, we execute Programme Management, Fund Management and Reporting to showcase the Return On Investment (ROI) objectives.


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