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21 August 2023 | Volume 1 | Issue 1


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Fragmented CSR,

Social Enterprise,

Capital Projects

& Development Projects.


Most companies and institutions exercise corporate social responsibility (CSR). Their goal is to share the benefits of their earnings, assist less privileged members of their communities and improve their operating environments.

However, despite the noble intent, the question we need to ask is, does the expenditure lead to an effective outcome with optimum impact?

Unfortunately the answer to this question is frequently, “No.”

|    ARTICLE    |


The root of the problem lies in isolation of the CSR effort. Enterprises are good at competition, but struggle with cooperation. Yet by cooperating, enterprises can significantly improve the results of CSR initiatives in three ways.

  • The benefit of a common view

A common view enhances understanding of where needs truly lie, and where CSR can make the greatest impact.

  • The benefits of budget concentration

If two or more enterprises pool CSR resources on one initiative, the greater resource allocation can have a larger impact and may, potentially, solve problems quicker.

  • The operational benefit

By sharing resources, the need for duplicate operational resources is reduced, and that releases resources, both financial and otherwise, to the enterprise.

Unless one enterprise has a highly specific CSR programme that cannot be duplicated by another enterprise, combining knowledge and resources makes sense.


Find out about participating in The Social Agenda and Basic Needs Programmes, or developing an individual, tailored CSR programme for your enterprise, with advisory and management services.


If you share this view, Innv8e’s Social Agenda and Basic Needs Programmes provide an end-to-end solution that combines shared knowledge and the benefits of a shared (outsourced) agency for implementation.

Find out more about Innv8e

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Until next time,

Tuna Willem

Managing Director

Tuna Willem specializes in strategy and implementation of sustainable corporate social responsibility with a strong emphasis on social enterprise. She has wide-ranging experience of implementation and management of community trusts, programme design and implementation, corporate affairs and marketing communications. She is the founder and chair of Eliko Holdings (PTY) LTD, which incorporates the well known The Social Agenda and Basic Needs Programmes under Innv8e (PTY) LTD, and the Amari Property Group (PTY) LTD , among others. A seasoned television and creative entrepreneur, she has also developed She is admitted to pursue her MBA.

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