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06 September 2023 | Volume 1 | Issue 3



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Our business model is different. It is brave and bold but not unique to the frontier to which the rest of the world is heading.


The 20th century business model extracted as much profit as possible at any expense. Little thought and resources were given to the social and economic wellbeing of communities. Wellbeing was an afterthought to secure goodwill in silos.


In the early 21st century, the old model has changed. The old approach is a prompt for us to re-envision and re-engineer our delivery models in the space of social enterprise, CSR, capital projects and development.


The growing body of thought, driven not just by Generation Z and the Millennials—that products must deliver social and business benefits—is reinforced by social and economic disparities faced by the vulnerable, marginalized, majority of Namibians.


As business leaders, and businesses in society, we need to play an active role in sustainably fixing issues such as high youth unemployment, frustrated communities, demoralized work forces and fatigued leaders, all of whom struggle to see a bright new tomorrow. It makes business sense for the private sector to develop and strengthen the market landscape in which we build our businesses.


Innv8e, its parent Eliko holdings and its sibling companies such as Amari Property Group, have taken the path of social entrepreneurship to deliver business results and social value.


Our activities are innovative, co-designed, correctly aligned and sustainably resourced. We build new value chains, and we incorporate communities and the dynamic leadership of relevant stakeholders.


Our path is to develop businesses, programmes, projects, products and services that:

  • Provide a profitable return to the business,

  • Identify problems in society and solve them with sustainable delivery models,

  • Provide  everyday Namibians with access, opportunity and ownership interventions,

  • Empower and assist them to develop wealth, and Give them the ability to lead healthy, wholesome lives.


This is the heart of our social entrepreneurship.


Innv8e, Amari Property Group and Eliko Holdings, are nearing finalization of advanced projects that will deliver the next frontier of business and social impacts with private enterprise efficiency and sustainability through exceptional private and public sector partnerships.


Thanks to all the partners who are joining us on our journey thus far. And watch this space.

Until next time

Tuna Willem

Managing Director

Tuna Willem specializes in strategy and implementation of sustainable corporate social responsibility with a strong emphasis on social enterprise. She has wide-ranging experience of implementation and management of community trusts, programme design and implementation, corporate affairs and marketing communications. She is the founder and chair of Eliko Holdings (PTY) LTD, which incorporates the well known The Social Agenda and The Basic Needs Programmes under Innv8e (PTY) LTD, and the Amari Property Group (PTY) LTD , among others. A seasoned television and creative entrepreneur, she has also developed She is admitted to pursue her MBA.

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