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The Social Agenda Programme

The Social Agenda Programme aims to coordinate the sectors of society through well-crafted projects, engineered to drive synergy, information sharing, networking & impact in the pursuit of advancing social enterprise & social entrepreneurship in development-related matters in society.

The Basic Needs Programme

The Basic Needs Programme develops business and system delivery models for Basic Needs, particularly in the areas of Toilets, Spaces, Regional development, Enterprise Development and Well-being.

This Programme offers a total provision of toilets, tinned fish, housing, public open spaces & parks, technical, financial & in-kind resources, and CSR commodities. This division will supply products, services and solutions to the entire solutions ecosystem, including the Innv8e Group’s portfolio of projects. We provide turn-key competitive logistics solutions to ensure that the toilets, tinned fish and other commodities are manufactured and procured at the right price for the right audience.

Bringing together its proprietary knowledge base,  expansive network, and diverse expertise, Innv8e offers a broad range of advisory services across the six sectors in which it operates. Services include but are not limited to: stakeholder engagement; integrated ESG framework design, management & reporting; sales, fundraising, and business development; strategic planning, marketing & administration,  feasibility analysis, forecasting and regulatory compliance.

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